Gaminger Initiative

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    The presidency of the Gaming Initiative for the period 2015-2017


    President Col (R) Stanislav LININC Croatia
    Vicepresident Cpt (R) Radim Josef MARUSEK Czech Republic
    Past-President Lt Cdr (R) Giuseppe Filippo IMBALZANO Italy
    Head of Communication LtCol Heidi KORNEK Switzerland


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    Conception of the Gaming Initiative and Presidency

    On these pages you will gain insight concerning the conception of the GAMING INITIATIVE.

    The nine member countries and their organizations are listed with their pages and can be reached via a direct link.

    As the central organ of the GAMING INITIATIVE acts the Presidium. Which is composed of
    - the president
    - the vicepresident
    - the pastpresident.
    Traditionally, the vicepresident will be the next president, and the president will be the next pastpresident. With this system a continuity in the processes and the work of the initiative is guaranteed.

    The election takes place every two years.

    For questions on your part, we are happy, if you contact us: Contact Form

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